The sermons below were preached as a series during the Sundays of Lent 2020

Sign 1 - Water into Wine

The first sign is recorded in John chapter 2 verses 1 to 11. Jesus is at a wedding feast when the wine runs out. Jesus asks the servants to do something unorthodox. Through their obedience Jesus produces something special out of something ordinary.

Sign 3 - Healing the Man by the Pool

Jesus chooses to heal one man amongst many sick people. The man did not ask Jesus to heal him. The man didn't even know who Jesus was, but as a consequence of this miraculous sign, Jesus made some very bold claims about His deity.

Sign 5 - Walking on Water

When we invite Jesus into our situation, He brings the peace of God. In faith we realise that we are then where we should be.

Sign 2 - Healing the Official's Son

Jesus is everywhere. He does not have to be physically present in a location to have an impact.

In John chapter 4 we read about Jesus healing someone who was over 20 miles away.

Sign 4 - Feeding the 5000+

What can we learn from the miraculous feeding of over 5000 people in a desolate place?

This film was made during the Covid-19 epidemic. The church were unable to gather together for collective worship, so Pastor Dave recorded his sermon at home.