Hope, Purpose and Community

In this sermon series, Pastor Dave looks at Luke chapter 8 verses 22-56 to show how Jesus brings His followers into Hope, Purpose and Community. These are essential for our wellbeing, and they are just some of the benefits that the Kingdom of God gives us.

Session 1 - HOPE

Hope is the opposite of Despair.

In verses 40-56 Jesus encounters some hopeless people and turns their situations around.

6th October 2019

Session 2 - PURPOSE

What is your Why? What is the purpose of your life? How does following Jesus give our lives purpose and meaning?

13th October 2019

Session 3 - COMMUNITY

When we start to follow Jesus, He leads us into Community with other followers. This is where we belong. It's where we should find personal support, and opportunities to support others.

27th October 2019