Why 'Church Without Walls'?

There is a danger for followers of Jesus to get into the habit of going to church rather than being church.

The church is a global community of people who try to represent Jesus in every area of life. Jesus called this "being His body". We are to be His hands, reaching out in love; His feet, going to those who don't know Him; and His mouth, speaking His message of love and hope.

These are not just things we are supposed to do for an hour a week inside a church building. Jesus wants us to do this all the time.

We are trying to become a loving community of people who demonstrate our faith and love for Jesus beyond the walls of a church building, and also beyond the walls of set times and days. We want to be church not only when we get together for worship, but also when we are going to work, driving the car, going shopping, taking a holiday, meeting with friends, staying at home with family, bringing up children, etc.

We would love you to come on this journey with us. You are welcome to pop into one of our events, or contact us, to get to know more.