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I am going to try to post a few thoughts over the next few weeks so that we can stay connected with each other as a Church Family. I have to confess, the intention is good, but the execution may be a bit hit-and-miss.

(Perhaps, if you have a thought or word of encouragement you'd like to share with the Church Family, you could email it to me and I can pass it on as I see appropriate).

How can we be a community whilst practicing 'social distancing'?

19th March 2020

The great thing about belonging to a church, especially this church, is that we are all part of a "community of grace". We love and support each other even though we have so many differences. Every member has a place and a role, so every member is valued.

We know that we are church all the time. We never stop being part of the Body of Jesus, even when we are not together, but we love spending time together. It is during that social contact that we grow together, pray together, share news, worship together and encourage each other. It is where we get the chance to value each other.


So when a decision had to be made about suspending (not stopping) our gatherings, I really struggled. How can I deny people that group support at a time when many are feeling the need for it more than ever?

It was suggested that we could still meet, but ask people to maintain an appropriate distance from each other - BUT we are such a loving bunch, the temptation to reach out and hug each other would soon overwhelm such a restriction! Within minutes of seeing each other we'd be ignoring the rules and greeting each other in all the usual ways regardless of the risks.


On the Home Page you will see a list of ways in which I suggest we can still be church until we are able to meet again.

In addition, I will try to post a sermon video each Sunday for those who have trouble sleeping (I'm aware that there is a wealth of great teaching videos available on the internet - and some questionable ones too - so you can choose whichever preacher you like for your Sunday mornings). I will also work on providing something interactive via our Facebook page.

Those of you with mobile phones may want to try a new app that has been developed. Apparently, if you click on the little picture of a phone, you can tap in a friend's number and that person's phone will make a ringing noise (or play a tune). If your friend that clicks on their picture of a phone you will be able to talk to each other. This means you can have a conversation from a safe distance without the danger of cross-contamination. What an amazing bit of technology!!!


If you're not sure about what to say, try being honest about how you both feel. Then you can pray for each other. You can do that over the phone if you don't mind Jesus listening in on what is known as a 'conference call'. He does that automatically, so you don't need to worry about pressing any other buttons. If you are not confident about praying out loud over the phone, just promise to pray fro each other when the call ends.

Be mindful of the time before you call (not everyone wakes up at 5am, stays up after midnight, or eats meals at the same time) and make sure you don't keep people caught up in conversation for too long.

It's just a suggestion. Some will feel more comfortable than others about doing this, but every member of our Church Family is important and valued - that's why Jesus brought us together.

Anyway, that's enough wittering for now. Stay safe, wash your hands, keep the faith, see you soon,